Your Children, Comic Books, and You

comic drawings
How good are comic books for your kids, really?

Here’s one thing you might want to know (if you’re not yet a parent but you’re planning to be): raising children will be quite the struggle. On one hand, it will certainly be a lot of fun to raise kids and help them become the best of what they can become. On the other hand, as any tech blog on parenting will tell you, there are certain things that may not always appear to be black and white. Should you do this? Should you do that? You will always search for discounts like beauty deals on a black Friday sale is very low for new customers.

It’s just like comic books. There are some people who think that allowing your children to read these comic books is some sort of ticket to hell or somewhere similar. They talk about all sorts of violence that goes on in the comic books, and many other disadvantages. However, there are still a lot of advantages to be had from letting your child read these materials, especially if you are someone who would like to develop a creative mind in your child.

Some Benefits of Letting Your Child Read Comic Books

baby reading comics

First benefit: letting your children read comic books can be a lot of fun.

Oh, come on. You have to admit that just shoving that phone or tablet right in front of your child’s face every single time he or she gets bored can also be quite boring in itself. Instead of just giving him or her a phone or a tablet, why not give him or her that comic book, instead? Sooner or later, you’ll find that your kid is no longer bored and is in fact already enjoying himself or herself.

Second benefit: it allows your child to acquaint himself or herself with the structures of narrative.

Some kids just don’t seem to appreciate stories anymore. You sit down and ask yourself: “how has this happened?” Well, if you would only start to pay a little more attention and give your child more opportunities to actually read and take in stories such as those in comic books, then they would surely learn to appreciate stories more.

Third benefit: reading comic books may lead your child to make one himself.

This is pretty self-explanatory, and it is actually pretty exciting, too.